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Amanda Write Now is a website dedicated to providing resources and information to promote equity, neuordiversity awareness, mindfulness, and student engagement in English classrooms and beyond.

 About Amanda Werner

aka “Amanda Write Now”


Passionate Educator for Over 15 Years

Amanda Werner (Amanda Write Now) has experience working with students in a wide range of educational settings from Title I, Charter, Magnet, and Private Schools. All of this experience has informed the resources she creates.


Reaches Over 13,000 Teachers a Month

Amanda’s website and podcast attracts thousands of teachers from all over the world.


Teacher Author for Over 10 Years

Amanda has been creating engaging lessons, curricula, and courses for over a decade. Her life’s work is to empower teachers to empower their students.


Educational Activism

Amanda’s work centers around social justice initiatives that support teachers in leading the way to building more equitable schools.

Amanda's units are so amazing! They can easily be adapted to fit your class time, age level, and different class formats!

Kathy Walker

I could cry. Genuinely, and for real. You've made this so easy for us!

Aimee Moody

During planning periods I keep thinking there’s more I should be doing, but I already have everything planned and ready. I’m spending a lot more time on professional development.

Jason Lantz

My students are finding a true passion for reading and writing, and I love seeing it.

Jenny Sykes

Listen to the Podcast

Amanda’s podcast is dedicated to helping busy teachers who care deeply about their students, want to join the social justice movement, and engage their students in meaningful work.