Organizing Your Story

Why do you need an organized story? For your reader and audience of course!

How do you organize a story? There are many tools you can use to organize your story:

  • Plot diagrams-Plot diagrams are a very helpful tool for organizing your stories but sometimes following a plot diagram can make for a dull story. You don’t have to describe your character in the beginning. You can do it in other parts of the story too. The same goes for setting. The climax could be at the very end or even the beginning. The same goes for the resolution.
  • Timelines-these are helpful for brainstorming how a story can go. You can use multiple timelines to plan different ways the story can go. Pick different beginnings, middles and ends.
  • Punctuation-periods, commas, colons, semicolons and apostrophes are tools to organize sentences
  • Paragraphs– can be used to transition between settings, characters talking, ideas, points or parts of a plot

When organizing your story, always remember, writing is a creative activity. Take advantage of the freedom writing allows, remember there are many ways to tell a story and write a sentence.