3rd-5th Grade Writing Bundle


This writing workshop bundle is comprehensive, easy to follow, engaging and all you need to teach narrative, information and opinion writing this year! If you are a teacher who loves the writing workshop model, you’ll LOVE this bundle. Everything you need to teach your writing standards is included. Read the description below for further details about all the materials included. Also, definitely check out the video preview above to get an inside peek into this comprehensive writing workshop bundle.


This Three Unit Bundle Includes:
• 33 Page Narrative Writing Unit
• 60 Page Informational Writing Unit
• 35 Page Persuasive Writing Unit
• 48 Writing Mini-Lessons
• 4 Rubrics
• 3 Student Checklists
• Writing Skills Posters
• Loads of Writing Samples
• 26 charts

Mini Lessons Structured in the Following Way:
• Materials (including pre-made charts for use with the lesson)f
• Hook- a fun way to start the mini lesson
• Teaching Point- statement about what students will learn
• Modeling- a way for you to show students the skill you are teaching
• Practice-an opportunity for students to practice the skill with partners
• Share-an opportunity for students to share what they accomplished

Also Included:
• Clickable Table of Contents
• Easy Navigation Buttons Throughout
• Clear Fonts
• Graphic and Video Describing Differences Between Opinion, Persuasive & Argumentative Writing


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