3rd-5th Grade Informative Writing Unit


This 60 page informational writing unit includes 16 mini lessons, 16 videos, 9 charts (8 1/2 x11 inch poster versions included), 5 writing process posters, 9 graphic organizers, 16 writing samples, 1 student checklists and 1 grading rubric. This unit can easily be adapted to meet the Common Core Standards of grades third through fifth. Read the description below to learn more about the mini lesson topics and how the mini lessons are structured.


16 Mini Lessons Structured in the Following Way:

• Materials (including pre-made charts for use with the lesson)
• Hook- a fun way to start the mini lesson
• Teaching Point- a straightforward statement about what students will learn
• Modeling- a way for you to show students the skill you are teaching
• Practice-an opportunity for students to practice the skill with partners
• Share-an opportunity for students to share with the whole class what they learned

Mini Lesson Topics Included:

• Brainstorming: Topic Ideas
• Drafting: Writing Without Stopping
• Revising: Topics and Subtopics
• Revising: Sequencing a Table of Contents
• Drafting: Using Linking Words
• Revising: Trying Out Formats
• Elaborating: Studying Mentor Texts
• Elaborating: Using Nonfiction Text Features
• Roadblocks Along the Way
• Elaborating: Adding Interesting Details
• Revising: Checking That It Makes Sense
• Revising: Introductions and Conclusions
• Revising: Making Paragraphs
• Editing: Spelling
• Publishing: Throwing a Publishing Party
• Cross Curricular Connections

Also Included In This Product:

Not only does this bundle include all of the above there are also 4 pages of tips about how to manage writing workshop and confer with students! A variety of the mini lessons go beyond just teaching writing. The sixth lesson teaches all sorts of critical thinking skills such as compare/contrast, problem/solution and cause/effect. The twelfth lesson is inquiry based and requires students to research how mentor authors write introductions and conclusions in small groups. The sixteenth mini lesson is cross curricular linking the informational writing process to social studies and can be used over and over with other content areas such as science.