Book Club and Literary Analysis Unit


This editable unit has ten mini lessons and much more to provide the foundation your students need to be successful with book clubs & literary analysis this year! You can use this unit with any books too. Scroll down to the description to learn more about the details of what’s included in this resource.


This unit includes ten mini lessons on the following topics:

Mini Lesson #1: Book Tasting
Students will preview/browse the books/short stories available to read and fill out a survey choosing their top three books/short stories.

Mini Lesson #2: The Calendar
Students will learn which book/short story they will be reading and who their fellow book club members are. They will also review all that is included in the intro letter/calendar.

Mini Lesson #3: Writing Long About Reading
Students will learn how to write long about what they are reading and why this is a useful habit to get into when you are expected to write a literary essay after reading a book/short story.

Mini Lesson #4: Questions for Understanding
Students will learn how to ask questions that get other people, and themselves, to further understand the book/short story.

Mini Lesson #5: Discussions for Understanding
Students will learn that book clubs need to be supportive to be successful and the first way to support others in a book club is to help others clear up confusion about parts of the book.

Mini Lesson #6: Author's Craft & Theme
Students will learn that books have many themes (messages to the reader) and they are usually not stated directly by the author. Themes are hinted at through the author’s craft moves they make.

Mini Lesson #7: Discussing Themes
Students will learn that being in a supportive book club can be a powerful way to think about a book from many different angles. Students will develop multiple theme statements during the book club discussion.

Mini Lesson #8: Claim Statements
Students will read and analyze example essays. They will write and revise claim statements until they have one they are satisfied with to build their literary analysis essay from.

Mini Lesson #9: Evidence & Reasoning
Students will use an outline template to start planning their evidence and reasoning.

Mini Lesson #10 Getting Ready to Publish
Students will learn about the publishing world and specifically what editors and publishers actually do. Students will also have the opportunity to step into the editor's shoes and provide feedback on a classmate’s literary essay! Each mini lesson is 1-2 pages and very easy to follow!

Here is how each mini lesson is organized:

  • Objective- the goal for the mini lesson
  • Materials- all the necessary charts/posters/videos/tools you need for the lesson
  • Hook- a fun way to start the mini lesson
  • Teaching Point- straightforward statement about what students will learn
  • Modeling- showing skill with writing samples/mentor texts
  • Practice- an opportunity for students to apply skills and practice with peers
  • Conferring- tips for how to discuss work with students with one-on-one conversations
  • Share- a way for students to share what they accomplished, struggles they faced and goals they have

Also Included in this Product:

  • Teacher's Guide
  • Editable Google Slides
  • Editable PowerPoint Slides
  • Posters
  • Writing Charts
  • Writing Samples
  • Editable Assessment Tools (Google Doc and Microsoft Word)
  • Videos
  • Audio and Video Walk-Throughs of Everything


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