Folktale Mini Lessons


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This reading and writing unit includes 4 editable Google Doc lessons with links to mentor texts, 5 editable student handouts, videos, writing samples, answer keys and a rubric. Continue reading about the content of the mini lessons below and please watch the video above to get a peek inside this highly engaging mini unit. This would be a super fun unit to teach in October!



The mini lessons cover the following topics:

What is a Folktale

This lesson is reading focused. Students will be able to categorize folktales as fairy tale, tall tale, fable, myth, legend, or urban legend based on their defining characteristics and structures.

Comparing Folktales

This lesson is reading focused. Students will choose two folktale genres to analyze closely. They will compare and contrast these genres. Links to lots of story and genre options are provided.

Folktale Mashup

This lesson is writing focused. Students will choose two famous folktale characters, then they will write a folktale that combines aspects of two folktales into one. In the process they will review genres and learn/review the parts of a plot diagram.

Writing Scary Stories

Students will learn the craft of scary storytelling by reading a how-to article about scary story telling. Then they will attempt to write their own.


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