Free Choice Writing Project


This is a very engaging project for any time of the school year! These editable Google Slides allow your students to learn about and choose from 18 different genres of writing! Each slide reviews a different writing genre. Scroll below to learn more specific details about this resource.

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For each slide (genre of writing) you'll find:

  • Mentor texts/writing samples demonstrating the genre in action
  • Materials needed to write within that genre
  • A tutorial video explaining how to write within that genre
  • An editable rubric to help students the expectations for each genre

The genres included are:

  • Informational/Argumentative
    • Blog Post
    • Brochure
    • Poster
    • Infographic
    • Slideshow
    • Video Script
    • Podcast Script
    • TED Talk
    • Newspaper Article
  • Creative
    • Poetry
    • Fantasy Story
    • Scary Story
    • Action/Adventure Story
    • Historical Fiction Story
    • Play Script
    • Picture Book
    • Comic Strip
    • Comedy Sketch

Also Included:

  • A Teacher's Guide
  • Google Form to Survey Students
  • 9 Editable Student Planning Tools
  • Writing Samples
  • 8 Editable Rubrics
  • Peer Conferencing Tools
  • Stamina Observation Tool
  • Teacher Conference Tool


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