Greed vs. Generosity Inquiry Unit


Your students will love this engaging mini unit investigating the essential question: what makes people more greedy or generous? Scroll below to read a more detailed description…

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Investigate the intriguing topic of greed versus generosity with your students in this engaging inquiry unit! Students will watch videos, read curated articles, develop a claim, support that claim with evidence, write a flash draft argumentative article that can be published on a website, and participate in a Socratic Seminar!

Lesson #1: Students watch engaging videos and read articles about the topic of greed and generosity. As they learn about greed and generosity they will use a student handout to generate ideas about what causes people to be generous and greedy. Then, they will develop a claim about if people tend to be more generous or greedy as well as use evidence from the videos and articles to support their claim.

Lesson #2: Students will read the classic short story The Gift of the Magi. Then, they will collect evidence to support two different claims, one that the characters are mostly greedy. Students will also collect evidence for the opposite claim, that the characters are mostly generous. Finally, students will write a flash draft argumentative essay about one claim or the other.

Lesson #3: Two wrap up this mini unit, students will participate in a Socratic Seminar discussing the essential question and other well crafted questions about greed and generosity. Students will practice citing evidence from the curated articles, videos, and short story.

♦ Three Editable Google Doc Student Handouts

♦ Two Editable Answer Sheets

♦ Teacher's Guide

♦ Editable Planning Doc

♦ One Argumentative Rubric

♦ One Socratic Seminar Checklist

♦ Links to Videos, Nonfiction Articles, Infographics & More All Related to the Essential Question-what makes people more generous or greedy?


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