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Here are 20 easy to follow reading mini lessons to support students in building their reading skills and to instill a love of reading! Each lesson guides students through the reading process using the workshop method. If you are a teacher who uses reading workshop then this is the perfect unit for you! Read the description below to find out what topics are covered and how the mini lessons are structured. Watch the video preview above to get a peek inside the unit.



Mini Lessons Topics: 

• Goal Setting
• What is Reading Workshop?
• Picking Just Right Books
• Conferencing
• Learning From Our Reading Pasts
• Setting Up for Reading Success
• Giving Book Talks
• Having a Meaningful Discussion
• Pronouncing Tricky Words
• Defining Tricky Words Using Context Clues
• Building Our Reading Stamina
• Fictional Genres
• Building Reading Friendships
• Summarizing Main Ideas of a Story
• Connecting with Characters
• Strong Emotions
• Visualizing
• Confusing Parts
• Making Inferences
• Celebrate Reading Success & Revisiting Goals

Mini Lessons Structured in the Following Way:

• Materials (including pre-made charts for use with the lesson)
• Hook- a fun way to start the mini lesson
• Teaching Point- statement about what students will learn
• Modeling- a way for you to show students the skill you are teaching
• Practice-an opportunity for students to practice the skill with partners
• Share-an opportunity for students to share what they accomplished

Also Included In This Product:

• Noise Level Poster
• Workshop Schedule Poster
• Fictional Genres Poster
• Stamina Tracker
• Conferencing Tracking Sheet
• Books I've Read and Plan to Read Tracking Sheet


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