Mentor Text Mini Lessons for Eleven by Sandra Cisneros


This three week narrative writing unit centers around the mentor text Eleven by Sandra Cisneros. This story is short and packed full of powerful narrative writing techniques to teach students. Each mini lesson takes you through analyzing this text in depth so that students can hone their descriptive narrative writing skills. Note: the story is not included with this unit but a link to it is.


There are seven mini lessons on the following topics:

Mini Lesson #1: The Structure of a Narrative

Mini Lesson #2: Descriptive Writing

Mini Lesson #3: Hinting at Theme

Mini Lesson #4: Imagery

Mini Lesson #5: Similes & Metaphors

Mini Lesson #6: Inner Thinking & Dialogue

Mini Lesson #7: Flashbacks & Flash Forwards

Each mini lesson is easy to follow and only a page long! The mini lessons are structured in the following way:

Materials- all the necessary charts/posters/videos/tools you need for the lesson
Hook- a fun way to start the mini lesson
Teaching Point- straightforward statement about lesson goal
Modeling- showing skill with writing samples/mentor texts
Practice-an opportunity for students to apply skills and practice with peers
Also Included In This Product:

Editable Student Checklist
Editable Peer Conference Tracking Sheet
Editable Single-Point Rubric
Writing Charts & Poster


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