Poetry Unit


This editable unit has ten mini-lessons and much more to make reading and writing poetry engaging while also incorporating workshop methods! This unit has been updated to include a Distance Learning PDF that includes step-by-step instructions for students (great for sub plans or absent students).


This editable unit has ten mini lessons and much more to teach the analysis of poetry and writing poetry using reading and writing workshop structures!

There are ten mini lessons on the following topics:

Mini Lesson #1: Defining Poetry
Students will begin to stretch their typical ideas and definitions of poetry. They will also learn about the use of metaphors in poetry.

Mini Lesson #2: Poetry Stations
Students will learn about the genre of poetry and participate in a station activity where they read a wide range of poetry and respond in creative ways to each poem they read in order to develop their own voices around poetry.

Mini Lesson #3: Analyzing Poetry
Students will learn how to read, analyze and discuss poetry with others.

Mini Lesson #4: Writing Inspired Poetry
Students will learn how to read a poem in order to inspire their own poems.

Mini Lesson #5: Introduction to Form Poetry
Students will learn about types of poetry that conform to rules of meter, rhyme and stanza requirements.

Mini Lesson #6: Writing Inspired Form Poetry
Students will choose a type of form poetry to spark ideas for their own poems. Students will also have the opportunity to practice writing in iambic pentameter.

Mini Lesson #7: Introduction to Free Verse Poetry
Students will learn about a newer form of poetry called free verse that breaks away from following strict rules of rhythm, meter or rhyme. Free verse does include some rhythm, meter and rhyme but it can follow natural speech patterns as well.

Mini Lesson #8: Writing Free Verse Poetry
Students will choose a type of free verse poetry to spark ideas for their own poems.

Mini Lesson #9: Introduction to Found Poetry
Students will learn about and read four different types of found poetry.

Mini Lesson #10 Writing Found Poetry
Students will choose between the different types of found poetry and create their own found poem.

Here is how each mini lesson is organized:

Objective-the goal for the mini lesson

Materials- all the necessary charts/posters/videos/tools you need for the lesson

Hook- a fun way to start the mini lesson

Teaching Point- straightforward statement about what students will learn

Modeling- showing skill with writing samples/mentor texts

Practice-an opportunity for students to apply skills and practice with peers

Conferring-tips for how to discuss work with students with one-on-one conversations

Closure-a way for students to share what they accomplished, struggles they faced and goals they have

Also Included in this Product:
Distance Learning Plan
Teacher's Guide
Editable Google Slides
Editable PowerPoint Slides
Writing Charts
Writing Samples
Mentor Texts (Links to All Poems Used in Lessons)
Editable Assessment Tools (Google Doc and Microsoft Word)
Audio and Video Walk-Throughs of Everything


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