Relationships Inquiry Unit


What can I learn from relationships in literature and my life? In this five lesson unit students will investigate this essential question through videos, handouts, discussion and writing.

This unit includes five folders. Inside these folders you’ll find hyperlinked lessons and student handouts. Each lesson has lots of hyperlinks. The hyperlinks will direct you to videos, articles and handouts you will need for each lesson. Pick the lessons and components that will meet the needs of your students. After making a copy of everything (see the Tech Tips video included in the unit for how best to go about doing this), feel free to edit any of the resources to make them work for you and your students. You might teach just a few of the lessons or all of them. Either option works. The lessons could stand alone or be used together, it is up to you!

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Lesson One: In this lesson students will practice developing statements about the theme of famous books turned into movies. They will begin to realize that relationships play a key role in books and movies.

Lesson Two: In this lesson students will learn how to write literary essays by reading two example literary essays all about relationship themes.

Lesson Three: In this lesson students will read a poem and a short story featuring strong relationship themes and write literary essays in response to them.

Lesson Four: In this lesson students will think about the relationships in their own lives and what they can learn about themselves from those relationships.

Lesson Five: In this fun bonus lesson from Mud and Ink Teaching, students will learn about the structure of Sonnet 18 and write their own parody version!


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