Social Media Inquiry Unit


What are my rights and responsibilities in this social media consumed world? In this seven lesson unit students will investigate this essential question through videos, handouts, discussion and writing. Here’s an overview of each lesson…

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Lesson One: students will have the opportunity to discuss the positives and negatives surrounding social media.

Lesson Two: in this lesson students will realize that social media allows them to have a whole lot of power and with great power comes the responsibility to be their best, most honest selves online.

Lesson Three: students will learn about marketing tactics used to get them endorsing businesses for free! They will consider these tactics and discuss their thoughts with classmates.

Lesson Four: students will reflect on the addictive quality of all media forms and attempt to go on a media diet for one full day. This lesson will require informing other teachers your students have.

Lesson Five: students will dive into privacy and copyright laws in this lesson. They will learn some very important concepts like what copyright really means and what their rights to privacy are.

Lesson Six: students will finally be able to learn and discuss some of the positive impacts social media has on people.

Lesson Seven: finally, in lesson seven students will create an infographic about one of the most important or interesting things they learned during this unit.


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