Working With Partners

Working with others is tough! Even adults have trouble. It takes a lot of practice and patience. Sometimes you will be assigned a partner and sometimes you will get to choose your partner, just like in real life and in a real job. Here are some tips when working with a partner:

  • Listen carefully-make eye contact, ask questions, tell your partner if you can’t hear them
  • Be honest-tell your partner when you are confused or frustrated, if you are frustrated because your parnter is doing something that bothers you use “I” statements such as, “I feel like we aren’t getting enough done/I’m not being heard/I can’t understand…”
  • Work on weakness-if you are a talker try to work on being a listener, if you are a listener and maybe a bit shy, try to speak up more
  • Be helpful & kind-if you don’t do anything else, do these two, things will be easier for everyone if you can always strive to be helpful and kind