Episode 7: Ten Ways to Make Grading Writing Easier

Episode 8: Realizations About the Teaching of Writing

Episode 9: Eight Ways Teachers Kill a Love of Writing

Episode 10: The Beginner’s Guide to Writing Workshop

Episode 11: The Truth About Writing and Three Mini Lessons to Teach It

Episode 12: We Need to Stop Neglecting Fiction

Episode 13: I’m More Than An English Teacher

Episode 14: Five Fun Activities to do with Your Students the Day After a Long Break

Episode 15: Places to Find Mentor Texts

Episode 16: 5 Exciting Ways to Introduce Your Writing Unit

Episode 17: How to Write Your Own Mini Lessons

Episode 18: Support for Writers at All Levels

Episode 19: 5 Ways to Use Google Classroom During Writing Workshop

Episode 20: 10 Ways to Make Reading and Writing Joyful Before Break

Episode 21: Why You’re Probably Teaching Information Writing Wrong

Episode 22: 5 Worst Research Habits Students Have and How to Fix Them

Episode 23: How to Teach Argumentative Writing Through Video

Episode 24: Summer Self-Care for Teachers…Podcasts & Books That Have Changed My Life (and could change yours too!)

Episode 25: Five Obstacles English Teachers Face and How to Overcome Them

Episode 26: Noise Levels in the Workshop Classroom

Episode 27: Five Distractive Behaviors During Writing Workshop and What to Do About Them

Episode 28: Middle School Mentor Texts

Episode 29: Teach Students HOW to Use Mentor Texts

Episode 30: Five Simple Ways to Differentiate Writing Instruction

Episode 31: Your First Mini Lesson of the School Year

Episode 32: 10 Best YouTube Channels for Writing Teachers

Episode 33: What I’m Doing the First Day of School Might Surprise You

Episode 34: What does workshop actually look like in a secondary classroom?

Episode 35: The Truth About Programs: 4 Programs That Changed Me But That I Eventually Quit

Episode 36: 13 Ways to Motivate Resistant Writers

Episode 37: ONE Crucial Thing You are Probably Not Doing When Planning Your Writing Units…And How to Start Doing It!

Episode 38: How I Cut My Grading Time By 10 Hours

Episode 39: Want to get started with reading and writing workshop this year? Try this one simple yet powerful thing!

Episode 40: My Best Tips for Managing a Book Club Unit

Episode 41: I’m Back! Life Update

Episode 42: How to Teach Reading & Writing Workshop from a Distance

Episode 43: 15 Community Building Distance Learning Activities Middle School Students will LOVE!