Does this sound like you? You learn a new idea, a new way of teaching, a new strategy and you’re all in. You become so convinced THIS is the way to go about things from now on! But, this energy to change everything all at once eventually wears off and you’re left with a lot of overwhelming feelings.

We have a lot in common if this sounds like you. I love trying new things but sometimes this innovative, open attitude leads to stress and absolute chaos in the classroom!

In my years as a teacher and a human, I’ve learned that it’s important to try new things slowly. Change is challenging so we need to take things one baby step at a time.

In the latest podcast episode, I discuss the first baby step you need to take if you really want to get started with reading and writing workshop tomorrow! This baby step is so simple you’ll probably wonder if what you are doing really is workshop. I’m here to tell you that yes, if you do this you are on your way to becoming a workshop teacher. You might even be shocked to realize you are already doing this thing!


The Beginner’s Guide to Writing Workshop

Conferring with Student Writers

A Guide to Meaningful Conferences with Writers


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