Mini Lessons

Workshop Mini Lessons

When you scroll below, you’ll will find mini lessons, videos & charts for your classroom use. I know that finding resources to teach reading and writing can be challenging. Heck, everything about teaching reading and writing is challenging! That is exactly why I created this page. You are not alone, teachers everywhere are struggling with engaging students in these subject areas, hopefully, this page will help!


Living Writerly Lives
How Does Writing Workshop Work?
Working with Partners
Building Writing Stamina
I Don’t Know What to Write
When You Think You’re Done
How Do Writing Conferences Work?

Narrative Writing

Narrative Vocabulary
Generating Ideas

Writing Lots of Drafts
Writing Leads
Writing Endings
Using Dialogue
Parts of a Plot
Slowing Down & Speeding Up
Organizing Your Story
Discovering and Embedding Theme
Voice and Tone
31 More Mini Lesson Ideas

Informational Writing

Information Vocabulary
Listing Ideas for an Information Piece
Drafting Stamina
How to Research Online
Information Writers Do the Following
How to Create Infographics 

Argumentative Writing

Argument Vocabulary
Argumentative Writing Crash Course
How to Write a Literary Essay


What is reading workshop?
Goal setting
Tracking books
Defining genre
How to find a good book
Parts of a book
Mood vs. Tone
How to give a book talk 

Coming Soon…

Plot elements

Organizational structures 

Character development 

Connecting with characters






What to do when you’re confused

Figurative language

Literary devices

Having meaningful discussions